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Mark Cashmore – NZ Property Designer

My aim is to deliver creative property design from a fresh and innovative perspective. To combine strong architectural highlights to build striking pool and landscaped gardens which will transform your home. All landscaping projects, whether residential or commercial, are designed to enhance the entire outdoor living area of the property, and provide enjoyment for years to come.

One tip for anyone seeking a fantastic result with their property design or renovation? The earlier you get me involved the better. I would be happy to discuss fee structures for your project, be it one small courtyard or a complete landscape architectural design. My work sees me travelling throughout New Zealand and internationally on a regular basis. The gallery below shows my portfolio including:

  • swimming pools – including inground pools and spa pools
  • pool decking
  • courtyards
  • structural landscaping
  • gardens
  • pool houses
  • changing rooms
  • building placements
  • landscape design for your complete property.

Pool and Garden Design Consultation and Site Planning

Communication is key, and ideally, the initial on site meeting should be with all parties involved. After thorough conversation of all of your ideas and visions for your landscaping project and a detailed evaluation of your property, I finalise a design fee before any work begins. With considerable discussion along the way and your approval to proceed, I measure, photograph and prepare a design concept. This involves preliminary drawings and sketches, lots of good communication and several meetings to make sure we’re on the right track. Once everybody is happy, I transition to working drawings, and complete all plans for the construction phase.

I oversee the entire design and build process to ensure it all flows smoothly,
unless distance makes it impractical. Otherwise, all plans for swimming pool and landscape projects include critical detailing, so the landscaping project can continue with trusted contractors in between my visits. See below what past clients have to say about my creative outdoor design.

Landscape Architecture Designers

Having the right team is crucial for a successful result. Landscape architects and landscape designers generally provide the same kind of services. They conceptualize a task and develop design ideas that are expected to be unique and original, no matter what the size of the landscaping project. They handle both residential and commercial projects.

Landscape contractors and pool builders are the people who bring reality to the landscape designer’s creative ideas, so recommendation of the right contractor is very important.

Never underestimate the importance of having your landscape designer present for the initial on site meeting to get planning underway. This will ensure you can avoid a vast number of issues throughout your project.


I have known Mark since my first project back in 2005 which is shown on the website as resort and deck design. We wanted a deck that projected out over the water. Mark flew to Vanuatu and spent 2 days just sitting in the area taking note of sun and view angles etc. His design was something we had never envisaged ourselves but I must say it was a revelation once he explained why he choose these angles etc.

Once built it was absolutely everything he said it would be. In Vanuatu you do not chase the sun as he explained you seek shade and at any time of day there was sufficient shade provided by the trees that were already in place. He utilised these extremely well. And as a finished product just added an abundance of charm and style to an area of the property that was not previously being enjoyed.

The second project in Auckland is on the website as “modern swimming pool design” Mark took over when I felt the architects were not fully understanding the brief and the design of the pool was just secondary to the house. Mark came up with exactly what was required for the site. Pool fencing is always ugly and his negative fencing design means there is no real barrier to the Pool and was passed by council which took him several trips to personally convince the Council that it was in fact legal.. The beach area is a huge hit with the Kids and Adults alike just to bath in the shallows.

Mark worked with Acacia Pools to build the Pool and again this was the right choice. Mark Cashmore and Paul from Acacia pools working well together and have produced an outstanding product which I still look at with much pleasure.

The whole design and build process with Mark was easy and enjoyable the whole way through. Its sometimes hard to just let a designer go for fear of some unpractical way out ideas but with Mark you can rely on him to produce a great design keeping in mind costs and also usability of the final product. He would be in my mind the finest outdoor area designer in New Zealand.

Kerry Bell

In 2008 I commissioned Mark to design my landscape, a property on the inner harbor of Tauranga City. This was an expansive project starting April through to late December of that year. The talent that Mark showed to combined my personal, family and house position requirements truly show today. His ability in planning and detail to meet my needs. With three years maturity, I now have a property which is fill of wonderment and a great deal of pleasure. I have a garden where a mixture of style, colour and structure marry perfectly. Formality, cottage, outside dinning, fire, small and large areas, woven into each other with style and ease.

This was not any easy fix situation. An 80 year old house that additions must feel and look with grace into the existing. All Mark accomplished.

Simply a very satisfied happy client thank you Mark.

Sally Morrison

Mark has been a very creative designer for our property. He was able to rescape the old site in such a way that by clever interpreting the height differences we suddenly had much more living and garden space. Also from the very first moment that we met he spoke our language and needed only a few words to feel and design what we were looking for. He is truly a wonderful man and we still enjoy his advice and his friendship. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Ted Baijings