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Contemporary House Design In A Rural Landscape

From the photos below you can see how this lovely country dwelling has an arresting contemporary design while retaining all the elements of space, light, and warmth required for a restful family home.

This was an empty rural piece of land on a hill. I designed a series of look alike farm sheds with a concrete and glass pavilion between. To create an instant lived in weathered look, I used cedar weatherboards, antiqued concrete, large redwood decks, galvanized outdoor fire, old totara fencing and sheep pens. The concept, with its scenic frame of expansive farmlands, made this project a real success.

With any design, it is important to have entertainment areas which work at different times of the day, but just as important to have the house interact with those spaces. This is a perfect example of my ability to combine my proven experience as a landscape designer with my passion and aptitude for designing houses.